Mental Health and Wellness

Illinois Central College offers you ways to improve and support both your mind and body. Check out our support services.

Services (5)

Benefits Navigator

Whether you need a helping hand to find resources the college offers, or you need assistance finding the resources to meet your basic needs outside of school, we are here to help you navigate what benefits may be available to you.


If you are experiencing personal difficulties while a student at Illinois Central College, our free counseling services are available to you.

Headspace Meditation App

Take care of your mental health with Headspace. Free for students. Headspace is your guide to mindfulness.

Peer Support Program

Students can find information about the Peer Support Program and schedule an appointment.

Trillium Place Counseling

ICC has partnered with Trillium Place, part of Carle Health, to expand the services offered to students. Students can find information and schedule an appointment.