Marketing Project Request


To request service(s) from the Marketing & Communications Department, please submit a Marketing and Communications Project Request Form. Marketing & Communications services include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Email
  • Photography
  • Event: promotion, add to calendar, support
  • Social Media Post

Project requests require approval by your direct supervisor before it is reviewed by the Marketing Department. Once approved by your supervisor, the request will be reviewed weekly, every Monday, by the Marketing team. Note: It will not be included in the weekly project request review unless your supervisor approves it.

Turnaround Time

The key to any successful project is making sure you build in enough time for every stage of the process (i.e. initial concept discussion, creative development, review, revision, production). For this reason, ICC Marketing has established the list below of general turnaround times, from initiation to delivery.

These timelines are subject to change pending current projects already in the queue. The Marketing department regularly has an extensive list of projects in development, and turnaround time can often be longer, especially at the beginning and end of each semester. The earlier you submit your request, the better we can help you.


  • Weekly employee notice: 1 week
  • Student email: 2 weeks
  • Media services or press release: 4 weeks
  • Other services: timeline based on scope of project

Social Media

  • Post to ICC flagship accounts: 1 week
  • Branded page development: 4 weeks

Graphic Design Projects

  • Large design project (i.e. brochure, catalog, program): 5-8 weeks
  • Small design project (i.e. flyer, poster, postcard): 3 weeks
  • Edit existing design: 3 weeks
  • Campus signage: 2 weeks
  • Advertisement, digital or printed: 2 weeks
  • Event promotion: 6+ weeks prior to the event
  • Other: timeline based on the scope of the design


Contact us 4 weeks prior to the date of the photo shoot.


Timeline based on scope of video project, allow at least 6 weeks


  • Minor edit to existing page: 3 days
  • Full webpage revision: 1-2 weeks
  • Create a new webpage: 2-3 weeks, pending approval

Available To

All ICC Employees

Get Started

Please click on the "Submit Marketing Request" button to complete the form.

Fees and Additional Costs

Any printing done will be ordered and paid for by the department requesting.

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