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Categories (8)

Accounts & Passwords

Account and password service request for password resets login assistance and account management.

Classroom and Lab Technology

Classrooms, Canvas, Computer Labs, and Audio-Visual equipment support

Computer Hardware, Software & Printing

Issues with employee and shared computer hardware and peripherals including desktops, mobile devices, or request to move technology equipment.

Email & Collaboration Tools

Support for student and employee email, Office 365, GSuite, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other collaborative tools.

Enterprise Application Support

Includes all PeopleSoft Modules, Canvas, Coursedog, Perceptive Content (Imagenow), Online Payment System(Touchnet), and TargetX.

Wi-Fi & Network Connectivity

Wired and wireless access, remote access, and network configurations.

Security & Access

Security, keyless entry badges, and access management for network services