Use MyICC to Enroll in Classes

Download the MyICC app to your phone or tablet. 

The App can also be used on a laptop or desktop by going to

1. MyICC App

Access MyICC App and click on the MyICC Login tile.


2. Login

Sign in with your MyICC eServices username and password.

Forgot password or User ID/Username, use corresponding button. 



3. Shopping Cart

From the menu under Enrollment or on the dashboard, click Shopping Cart. 


4. Select Term 

Use the dropdown arrow in the Term bar to select the semester in which you want to be enroll.

You can also view your planner or build your schedule from this page. If you know the class number (4-digit number) you can select "Add by Class Number" option. 


5. Class Search  

If you do not know the 4-digit class number, use the Class Search option.

You will need to identify at least two criteria for your research. 


6. Check Your Class Info 

A list of Classes will be created based on your criteria. Click View and verify Course Details - location, dates, instructor, number of students, cost, credit hour, etc. 


7. Add To Cart 

Click Add to Cart to move the class into your Shopping Cart

Use '3 dots' for additional options such as Enroll, Add to Schedule Builder, and Share.


  • The class you input will be listed at the bottom of your Shopping Cart.
  • From this screen you can Enroll, Delete, or Search for other classes. Mark the checkbook next to any class to activate these options.
  • The Enroll button will not appear if enrollment for the Term is not yet available, but classes can be kept in the Shopping Cart until this is open.


8. Enroll 

Once you have all your classes in your Shopping Cart, you are ready to enroll. Mark the check box next to each class in which you are enrolling (or choose Select All). Press Enroll to move the classes to your schedule. 


You can access your schedule from the Navigation Menu or Academics Dashboard.


  • Use the toggle buttons to switch between List and Calendar View.
  • Use the dropdown arrow to select the term in the list view.
  • In the calendar view, you have the option to switch between Month, Day, or Week view.  


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