Bookstore Laptop Rental Extension

Bookstore Charges will be due the day they are posted to your student account (at the semester census date and then posted weekly). Once the Bookstore Charges are posted to your student account, you will need to pay the balance in full, pay using financial aid or set up a payment plan. If you are already enrolled in a payment plan, your scheduled installments will automatically adjust for the account balance changes. All student account charges can be viewed by logging into your MyICC account.

For questions related to the bookstore laptop rental agreement form, please contact Enrollment Services at (309) 694-5600 or

Account balances left unpaid at the end of a term will result in a block on enrollment. Students will be unable to have a credential conferred or receive a transcript. If the unpaid balance is a result of unpaid bookstore charges, the student will not be able to have a bookstore charge account in future terms.

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