Student Financial Responsibility Agreement

The Student Financial Agreement outlines the terms of the financial responsibilities and obligations associated with enrolling in classes at Illinois Central College.

The agreement is assigned as an Activity Guide under Tasks in students’ MyICC. It asks the student to affirm their understanding of their financial obligations prior to enrolling for classes. The agreement covers one academic year (summer, fall, spring). There is not a “no” option. Students will not be permitted to enroll until the agreement is completed.

The activity guide will be assigned as a Task in MyICC for all-term activated students for summer 2022 on March 28. Students will be directed to complete the activity guide before the enrollment period opens on April 4. Going forward, as students are term activated in the academic year and have not previously completed the 2022-2023 agreement, service indicators and the activity guide will be assigned.

  • Compliance
    • Title IV of the Higher Education Act
    • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
    • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
    • Internal Revenue Code (IRC)
  • Student Services Best Practice
    • Set parameters for creditor (ICC) and consumer (student) relationship
    • Protects ICC
    • Discloses student obligations and binds students to most current policies of ICC and covers the amounts that become due and are owed during a student’s enrollment at ICC

How to complete

  1. Log into MyICC
  2. Go to Tasks
    screenshot of tasks assigned in MyICC
  3. Select Student Financial Agreement
    screenshot of student financial agreement task in MyICC
  4. Read the Agreement
  5. Select "I Agree" at top of page to complete task
    ​​​​​​​screenshot of I agree button



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