Pest Control

Safely and effectively eliminates pests from inside buildings and grounds at all ICC campuses.

Spraying frequency

Location Frequency
East Peoria Campus Kitchen 2/per month
CAT Building 1/per month
DPET Building 1/per month
Performing Arts Center 1/per month
Dirksen Hall 1/per month
Lawrence Hall 1/per month
CougarPlex 1/per month
Cafe Breve 1/per month
Technology Center 1/per month
Academic/Administrative Building 1/per month
Peoria Campus 1/per month
Downtown Peoria Campus, Perley Building 1/per month
Pekin Campus 1/per month

Rat and Mice Baiting

East Peoria Campus North Campus Pekin Campus
Outside CourgarPlex
Lawrence Hall
Dirksen Hall
Pole Barn
CAT Building
DPET Building
AIT Building
Dogwood Hall Outside Main Building

For all requests, please go to Maintenance Connection. For emergencies contact the Facilities Services Department at 694-5120.


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