The custodial staff consists of ~35 employees spread out among all of ICC’s campuses. Their goal is to sustainably maintain cleanliness and order among all campus areas. Custodial staff is organized into teams.

East Peoria Campus

Peoria Campus

1st Floor, Fac Hall, TC 1st-3rd Floor, Print Shop, RR, and PAC
Michelle Johnson
Kourtney Mack

Childcare/Starbucks/ CougarPlex
Terry Shorty

2nd Floor, Library, Bookstore, Atrium, and 2nd floor CC
Challi Welch
Jordan Howard

CougarPlex & *Land Lab
*Sandra Hibbard
Jarod Howard

3rd Floor, Student Lounge, Bridge Team Cleaning, RR by the library
Georgina Munoz
Scott Mussleman

Peoria/CougarPlex Float
Scott Mussleman

Lobby, 4th Floor

Arbor (Dental, Main, Workforce, Spain’s Office Area)
Kristine Cannon

1st Shift Float
Jeff Coon
Archie Davis

Leland Farmer

EP Float; Cafeteria Tables; Starbucks
Tajma Turman

Upper Arbor, Poplar, Student Service
Andres Garcia
Teresa Evans

Dining Area & RR; Tranq Room, Founders, Starbucks; Campus Housing
Katie Jacob

Birch and Cedar
Stacy Davis
Lori Bright

AIT Building, Cat Building, and DPET Building
Anna Huskisson
Christina Hasty

Robin Ferguson

AIT, Facilities & 1st Floor, Atrium
Cesar Mejia

South & Perley
Paul Vanderwulp

Dirksen & Lawrence
Heather Hasty


Custodial Services Standards & Frequencies

Restrooms — Full Service, Daily

Classroom/Labs — Full Service, Daily

Lounges — Full Service, Daily

Dining Area Full Service- Daily

Library Common Area — Light Service- Daily, Full Service-Weekly

Performing Arts Center — Light Service Daily, Full Service Weekly

Horticulture Lab — Light Service Daily, Full Service Weekly

Entrances/Hallways — Light Service Daily, Full Service Weekly

Student Common Area — Light Service Daily, Full Service Weekly

Stairways and Elevators — Light Service Daily, Full Service Weekly

Gym/Fitness Center — Light Service, Daily

Reception Areas — Light Service Daily, Full Service Weekly

Faculty and Staff Lounges — Light Service Daily, Full Service Weekly

All Offices — Full Service, Bi-Weekly

Conference Rooms — Light Service Daily, Full Service Weekly

Full Service

Weekly - Service Duties include: detailing, full mop/vacuum, and dusting.

Bi-Weekly Services include - emptying office trash (containers that are emptied daily have been placed in hallways for your convenience)

Daily Service Duties include - Empty trash, spot mopping/vacuuming, clearing visible dust, fully cleaning and disinfecting all restroom surfaces (filling paper & soap products as needed), clearing whiteboards & chalkboards, spot cleaning desks, and spot cleaning windows. 

Light Service

Empty trash, spot vacuum, spot mop, dust mop as needed, light dusting, and spot clean windows.

Event Service

Additional cleaning and preparations for special events, set-up, and tear down of functions, campus signage for events, and light office furniture moves.

Exceptions – Custodial department is not responsible for the following:

  1. Removal of items from/on/under shelves, desks, and walls
  2. Cleaning equipment not directly operated by employees of the facilities services department
  3. Emptying individual recycling containers (large containers have been placed around campus for your convenience)
  4. Supplying labs with paper products (departments are responsible for ordering supplies and payment for those supplies)


Facilities Services


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